Solis 20HP

The subcompact, low noise and environment-friendly SOLIS S 20 is the dependable performer for every field. Bringing in the marvel for better productivity, this innovative tractor is the best buy for your Hobby Farm as well as other farming needs. This best compact tractor transcends the boundaries of limits to deliver top quality performance. The highly competent 500 kg lifting capacity is the best in a class facility that is available to the farmers. Fully powered in aerodynamic design with projector lamps, SOLIS S 20 facilitates maximum traction on the field with operator presence control.

If you have a hobby farm and want to buy the best compact tractor to suit your needs, the SOLIS S 20 is the one you should go for. Besides being one of the best compact tractors, it has a four-wheel drive and a powerful Mitsubishi engine, that is also fuel efficient. Buy this compact tractor to activate the power in your field of aspirations and take agriculture to a whole new level of excellence.


Technical Specification