Solis 26Hp

Taking productivity a notch higher, SOLIS S 26 is a compact tractor that enables a variety of activities on all kinds of terrains with respect to gardening and farming needs. The best compact tractor empowered with hydraulic power steering, this tractor helps in reducing operational stress for the user. With powerful 4 wheel drive and effective traction capability, the compact SOLIS S 26 enables smooth operation. Fully empowered with Industrial/ Agri/ Turf tires (optional) for easy operation on every farm and optional cabin facility, this smart tractor is a smart buy and is capable of igniting your potential with more power.
Buy this best compact tractor, which has a turning radius of 2.1 mt and gives wings to your hobby farm instantly. The mechanical transmission of this smart tractor enables precision in terms of speed. SOLIS S 26 is a lifting capacity of 600 kg. The extra safety and comfort features including Adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt make this tractor the best compact tractor ever.


Technical Specification